Chronic Disorders and Autoimmune Diseases

Ayurveda's Motto is

"Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam,

 Aturasya Vikara Prashamanam Cha"

i.e Maintaining the Health of Healthy person and curing the disease of ailing person.

Treatments Available for 

• Gastrointestinal Disorders

• Kidney Stones

• Psoriasis/Eczema

• Fatty Liver

• Acidity

• High Cholesterol

• Obesity

• Joint Pains

• Osteoarthritis (Wearing Down of Protective Tissue at the ends of Bones( cartilage).

• Rheumatoid Arthritis (Autoimmune Disorder in which body's Immune system attacks its own Tissue (Joints).

• High Uric Acid