Gynecological Care

Ayurveda describes woman as the spine of society as she is the Progenitor, Rearer and Nurturer. Health of family and society depends on her. A woman undergoes various physical, physiological, emotional and psychological changes during her reproductive years.

i.e from menarche to menopause. 

Awareness and management of these changes are essential so that the transition into different phases of life occurs smoothly.

Ayurveda treats and manages the condition from the root, thereby helping the woman in achieving and maintaining the balance in her different phases.

Treatment available for


2. Infertility

3. Recurrent pregnancy loss

4. Ovarian Cyst/Follicular cyst

5. Endometriosis

6. Pelvic inflammatory disease

7. Leucorrhoea

8. Menstrual Disorders

   1. Dysmenorrhoea (Painful Menses)

   2. Menorrhogia (Heavy Menses)

   3. Oligomenorrhoea (Delayed Menses)

   4. Hypomenorrhoea (Scanty Menses)

9. Menopausal Syndrome